Step Into a Brighter Future

This simple yet powerful micro-practice will magnetize your ideal future by bringing your entire being into flow with the feelings and vision of your greatest potential.

When walking someplace, or even running for exercise, instead of letting your mind obsess about the past or worry about things that will likely never happen, use this time to create your ideal future.


  1. Do this by feeling the qualities of your ideal future: like satisfaction, respect, contribution, sense of meaning/ purpose, joy, play, love, abundance, and perhaps images of this future will arise as well;
  2. feel like you’re walking (or running) forward and into this new ideal future… this new reality, and
  3. then gently allow it to feel like the future is coming toward you, meeting you as you move toward it. Allow yourself to feel it …experience it….deeply and fully.

We have found that the deep experiential imagining (notice that your body does not know the difference between “real” and “imagined”) combined with the forward movement of the body toward something new helps in aligning all aspects of our being, and allowing for a shift out of the inertia of past conditioning into change.

Give it a try – you have nothing to lose (other than aspects of your past that are holding you back;))!

From our hearts to yours, the team at Evolving Human.

Rob Pilz

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Rob Pilz
Rob Pilz
Rob Pilz
Rob Pilz
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