Empty Your Cup (if you truly want to change)

One of my favorite books is a book of poetry and sayings of Adyashanti titled, “my Secret is Silence” and one of my favorite poems in it is titled, “How Empty Is Your Cup?”.  To me its a beautiful description of the need to “let go” of the old to allow for the new.  This is much more easily said than done as for many people, there is a (mis)perception of safety related to the old and as much as they may say they want things to change there are parts of themselves that resist.  In reading the following poem, my wish for you is that it may start to loosen the unconscious glue that is holding you in past patterns which prevent you from attracting what you truly desire. 



Sitting in this tavern all day long

is not for the weak of heart.

The abundant wine flows rich

into the empty glasses only.

Whether you are thirsty or not

does not matter.


How empty is your cup?

is all the wine maid asks.

How empty is your cup?


The wine maid said:

I have heard the occasional stranger

protest this by saying:

“But I am the work hand

who watered the vines

and harvested the grapes

under the hot sun

working day in and day out

for little pay and even less relief

from this harsh life.”


To such lost souls

the wine maid smiles a little and asks:

Why do you drink such sour wine?

is pride really worth such a bitter taste?


Empty your cup and I will fill it

with your heart’s desire.

Those who make it to this tavern

are the lucky ones.

Why sit in heaven and complain

about the road taken?

All the Winemaker wants

is to quench your thirst

to fill your empty cups

over and over again.


Besides, I asked Him once

if He would mix old wines with new.

He just began to laugh.

That was my first day on the job –

more years ago than I can count.

And He’s still laughing

and I am still pouring His wine.


From our hearts to yours, the team at Evolving Human.

Rob Pilz

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