Heart Tech – Going Where You REALLY Want to Go

This is micro-practice is an extension of “Heart Tech – Handing Over The Wheel” and is a companion post to the Quick Brain-Body Reset which explains the benefits of heart-brain coherence. 


  1. Start by getting your heart in the driver’s seat by following the steps in “Heart Tech – Handing Over The Wheel” post: Bringing your attention to the area of your heart; allowing your attention to deepen into the centre of the heart; feeling / imagining – if your consciousness was a car, does it feel as if your brain is driving it…or your heart? [hint: for almost everyone its the brain]; then imagining that your brain hands over the steering wheel (completely) to your heart;
  2. then bring up a decision or question;
  3. then imagine coming to a fork in the road with the possible responses (recently I had a question that involved 4 possible responses and so I imagined the road splitting into four possible roads), and
  4. allow the heart to drive your car down the road it wants to go down.
  5. Note the decision this implies based on the choices each path represented. 


  1. Ensure the heart does the driving, with a feeling that the brain is in the backseat observing;
  2. There should be a feeling of neutral curiosity as you approach the fork – counter to what you might think, if there is any desire, preference or emotion then its not likely that the heart is really driving;
  3. If this isn’t working, consider going back to the core “Heart Tech – Handing Over The Wheel”  practice and noticing if the hand-off of the steering wheel is complete, or if the brain is still keeping one hand (or finger) on the wheel.

Give it a try – you have nothing to lose.  We have found that this deep experiential imagining can open up  an otherwise contracted mind to greater creativity, intuition, flow and easier decision-making.

From our hearts to yours, 

the team at Evolving Human.

Rob Pilz

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