Heart Tech – Hand Over the Wheel!

This is a foundational micro-practice that will help connect your to the power of your heart, improve the strength of your heart, and then can be extended with additional steps for a wide range of benefits.  It’s a companion post to the Quick Brain-Body Reset which explains the benefits of physiological coherence. 


  1. Bring your attention to the area of your heart;
  2. allow your attention to deepen into the centre of the heart;
  3. feel / imagine – if your consciousness was a car, does it feel as if your brain is driving it…or your heart? [hint: for almost everyone its the brain]
  4. imagine that your brain hands over the steering wheel to your heart;
  5. feel it deeply as if it is real…perhaps like watching a Pixar cartoon…the key is that you feel it in your body;
  6. notice anything that seems different in the following seconds and minutes, and
  7. once you feel you’ve mastered this, read the next post titled, “Heart Tech – Going Where You Really want to Go”

We have found that this deep experiential imagining can open up  an otherwise contracted mind to greater creativity, intuition, flow and easier decision-making.

Give it a try – you have nothing to lose (other than some limitations;)).

From our hearts to yours, 

the team at Evolving Human.

Rob Pilz

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