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Founded by Rob Pilz, a principal of Revelation Business Solutions and CFO of Summit Science, Evolving Human is a group of executives who are passionate about humanly sustainable performance.  We’ve spent our careers passionate about and dedicated to creating innovative tools and processes that enhance both human and organizational performance.  We’ve taken stock of our good fortune and the amazing ways we’ve benefited from the generosity of others.  Evolving Human our way of paying it forward by supporting people with what we’ve learned, and hopefully contributing even a little bit to a more expansive and abundant world for all.

We are, by our nature, always looking to do things better and easier, and so have become adept at helping people and organizations break free of existing patterns, free up unseen capacity, and achieve desired results with a high ROI. With a deep understanding of the evolving complexities of the modern business environment, we have developed unique solutions tailored to meet diverse situations.  In developing best-in-class solutions for excellence-oriented organizations large and small, along the way, we’ve developed a network of real experts and thought leaders.  This is another one of the keys to our success – our ability to create breakthroughs by collecting, interpreting and applying the combined wisdom of true experts, and the hidden wisdom of teams and communities.

If you’re an individual wanting to increase your capacity to show up in service of others, or a leader in an organization wanting to elevate your team’s performance, check out the growing amount of effective content and practices on our blog.  As master licensee of Summit Science intellectual property, Evolving Human will also be sharing some of Summit’s incredibly successful programs for free and without conditions. On this site, we won’t try to sell you stuff, and we won’t sell your information.

And if you’re the CEO of an organization faced with a big transformation including high growth, IPO or M&A, you can contact Rob through the contact page here and we can discuss if there may be a fit.

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