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Evolving Human is a passion project created to make many of the practices that we’ve developed to elevate the performance of people within organizations, available to the public – without any hooks or conditions. 

We are in a period of accelerating change into an uncertain future that is far beyond our past-conditioned minds and bodies to handle.  In this context, the discipline of an evolving daily practice to maintain perspective and balance is required to stay healthy and fulfill our potential. For us, daily practices that include meditation, journaling, self-inquiry, energetic and breath work, physical exercise and stretching etc.  are now simply basic elements of good human hygiene. 

Evolving Human is a network of contribution-oriented executives with broad skillsets in the areas of finance, planning, governance, revenue growth and human and organizational performance.  Passionate about improving how things are done, below the surface of what they look like, we’re drawn to help other purposeful leaders solve big problems in their organizations. And, we’ve learned that for changes to be sustainable, people must also be elevated in very specific ways. Then, with the right methods, from the combined wisdom, staff to leadership, the optimal solutions can arise.  Together, leveraging everyone’s talents it’s possible to create the conditions to unlock previously hidden capacities and a positive multiplier effect.

Check out some practices proven to elevate human performance on our Blog here.  We’ve only just begun and the amount of content will continue to grow. 

You can learn more about us on the About Page here.


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